About us

Est. 1993

Himalaya, located in Kaartinkaupunki - Helsinki, is the oldest Nepalese restaurant in Finland with over 20 years of history.

Here at Himalaya we believe that the restaurant experience comes from excellent ingredients which are cooked with skill together with friendly and smooth service.
This combination has kept us a favourite choice for our customers for over 20 years. A satisfied customer is everything for us.

Our wide menu has something for everyone - mild and hot, vegan or lamb.
With us you can enjoy great tastes from the Himalayan mountain region in a comfortable environment and warm service.
Our 55 seats offer culinary experiences to everyone.

So join us for lunch, dinner or ask for home delivery or larger quantities!

About Nepal

Nepal, with it's 30 million population, is an inland country in Asia between India and China. Even that the size might be small Nepal and Himalaya region is one of the worlds most versatile when it comes to the nature. Eight of the world top ten highest points are located in the northern mountain region of Nepal and in the south Nepal changes into a savannah - in between with many breath taking landscapes.

Nepalese culture is often said to be unique mix of India and Tibeth and ofcourse the cuisine is also a mix of both of these countries.
The population is as versatile as the nature, Nepal has 102 different ethnicities who speak 92 different languages, Nepalese being the main language. Main religion, with approx. 80 & of the population, is Hinduism but also Buddhism has a prominent role in the Nepalese culture.